5 Popular Academic Research Topics

A research paper requires independent research on a given or chosen topic, and presenting the results of that investigation and analysis. But before you get started with your academic research paper, you need to choose a specific topic. Something that you’re passionate and interested about, and that you can write an engaging paper about.

Academic Topics for Research Papers

Choosing academic topics for research papers depends on the kind of subject you’re interested in, and what your guidelines are. It’s important to be specific and precise with your academic writing, but simultaneously innovative with your choice of topic.

Before choosing a topic, it’s important to take a few factors into consideration, but most importantly your field of interest. Browse through research topic examples, or stay tuned for our list. You might not get a concrete topic, or even direction in which to take your academic paper to. You should also be prepared to write on a topic that has plenty of information for you to rely on, as a research paper requires thorough work, research and analysis that’s based on facts and details. Therefore, it’s best to go for a topic that has plenty of examples and information, that is going to act as a base for your paper.

Along with an appropriate topic and thorough research, you also have to make sure you’re taking a new perspective on the topic. The topic might have already been researched or chosen by another student. What’s going to give you an edge is an innovative perspective on the whole subject. That way, you’re going to have a paper on your hands that’s interesting and definitely grabs good kind of attention.

Below you’ll find a list of 5 popular topics for research papers, in various areas of interest, that could be your potential research project ideas.

  1. Multitasking – Productive or Not
  2. Are Refugees a Threat to the Host Country
  3. Popular New Age Religions
  4. The Importance of Mental Health
  5. Importance of Multilingual Education

Academic Sources for Research Papers

Before choosing a topic of any kind, you should be aware that you have enough sources and information to work with. When you’re doing academic research, you need reliable, academic sources, where information is correct and all the facts are straight. Sources that you should rely on are academic journals and books, but also plenty online tools that are going to help you weed out the false and irrelevant websites, and track down credible sources for your area of interest. Make sure to double check your sources, or ask for assistance from your professor.

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