The Importance of Using a Paper Plagiarism Checker

Paper originality checker allows for plagiarism-free papers, and isn’t this exactly what every educational institution expects from their students? Your academic integrity is the key principal according to the educational system, which is why students are required to craft nothing less than 100% original papers.

The information online and in written form is growing within the minute, which allows for better research and more important discoveries. However, you must avoid getting lost in the process.

But, where can you find a reliable online plagiarism checker for research papers? A paper checker must provide you with guarantees of originality of content and check your entire paper to make sure it is 100% plagiarism-free.

To help you out, we have gathered all necessary information you need to make a sound decision regarding a plagiarism checker. Read on.

The benefits of using plagiarism checkers

Using a reliable paper plagiarism checker is exactly what students need to avoid an oversight of paraphrasing, bad citation, copy/pasting and even slightest forms of unintentional plagiarism. However, what features does a reliable plagiarism paper checker possess?

  1. Offer security and guarantee that you retain the copyright to your work
  2. Multiple sources to check against
  3. Support various file formats
  4. Provide you with a comprehensive report of plagiarism
  5. Provide you with full plagiarism report

Free and chargeable checkers you can use

There is a variety of plagiarism checkers to be found online and they all offer different features. For example, you can find a paper checker for plagiarism that only provides you with a report for one page for free, or does a limited number of scans per day. An example of such pages is Dupli Checker, where you can only scan one file in a day unless you are a registered user. If you register with the company, you can scan 50 papers per day. Another example is Copyleaks, where only the first 10 pages come free of charge.

Some plagiarism checkers will charge you for the entire scan, but provide discounts for large orders. Others will do all the scanning for free, but have limitations in terms of originality guarantee, only several options for browser use and limited support of file formats.

Good examples of completely free plagiarism checkers are Quetext and Viper. These are solid choices, but come with several disadvantages. For example, Quetext does not support files, so the user must copy and paste the content in the designated area, while Viper is only targeting students and checks the academic database for plagiarized content.

If you are looking for a paid, some of the most popular choices for a full paper plagiarism checker are PlagScan and PaperRater. The first is available fully online and allows for 3 different ways of scanning papers, while the second offers accurate results within seconds, but does not allow you to save the reports.

How to choose plagiarism checker

As you can see, there are many choices you have when it comes to plagiarism checker for papers. However, when choosing, you must make sure that the tool you are using is actually a plagiarism checker for full paper. You wouldn’t want to miss a page and fail to detect the stolen content.

In most cases, students find a free plagiarism checker paper, but these often fail to guarantee 100% originality or provide a full report of plagiarism. Therefore, when choosing the tool for scanning your content, pay attention to the following:

  • Guarantees of 100% accuracy and security
  • Use a variety of sources and databases to base the search on
  • Rapid and accurate reports
  • Number of pages you can scan for free
  • Requested rate to scan the entire paper
  • Discount options for bigger papers
  • Feedback from customers who used the plagiarism checker

Do not rush into checking your paper in any plagiarism checker online! Many will defraud you into using their service and steal your content, or overcharge you without providing you with the necessary guarantees.

Depending on the file you want to scan, look for tools that support various document files and browsers. This will allow you to scan all your papers by using one tool.

Take your time and research a bit. Sometimes it is worth to pay a higher price to get the best plagiarism checker tool there is. If you fail to do so and use a bad tool, you would have spent your time and money for nothing. And most importantly, your paper may still be full of plagiarism.

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