Psychology Research Paper Topics You Can Use

The first step of every guide on how to write psychology research paper is to choose a topic. Research papers are assigned to students of all levels, so the concern is very common. If you are wondering how to choose research topics for psychology, you should know that this decision will affect the entire process of writing the paper.

In the end, it all comes down to how much you know about psychology, and which field of psychology you are studying. Psychology research paper topics for college students can differ from psychology research topics for high school students because of the level of knowledge and writing skills.

However, when you are given an opportunity to choose your own psychology research paper topics, you are given room to explore your interests and actually enjoy the writing. There are many interesting psychology topics to choose from. Selecting a topic that you find intriguing can motivate you throughout the entire research and writing process.

Choosing Psychology Topics for Research Paper

There isn’t a single way to select psychology topics to write about, since this will depend on your aptitude, perception and skills. Still there are some general tips you can apply when selecting a topic.

If you are asking yourself ‘What should I do my psychology research paper on?’, here is a list that will help you find the answer faster.

  • Choose a Branch

Which branch would you choose to conduct a study in? Are you interested in educational psychology, child development psychology, or perhaps behavioral psychology?

Before you even ask yourself ‘how will I write my psychology research paper?’, you need to research the branches a little. There are good topics in every branch. It all comes down to which interests you the most.

  • Narrow Down the Paper Topic Ideas

You probably have a list of psychology research topics to choose from. Narrow down this list to the topics you like the most, and can find reliable sources for. When choosing a topic that requires a grand amount of research, you need to see if your idea is researchable in the first place.

  • Make a Research Problem

A paper requires a research problem you need to solve. This problem will be solved and discussed in the paper itself, but you must first introduce it in your research proposal.

  • Follow the Guidelines

You are probably given some guidelines when assigned a research paper. Read them carefully before choosing a topic and writing a proposal or a research paper.

Does your paper require an APA format? This is the most common format used in research paper writing.

If you cannot follow the requirements or feel insecure about your research paper topic, ask for some guidance. There are many paper writing services that would be happy to assist you in finding your topic and answering your research questions.

Psychology Research Topics Ideas You Can Use

Social Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • Is adolescence a real thing or a cultural invention?
  • Does social media make people more prone to follow orders?
  • How did the Psycho-Sexual Development theory by Sigmund Freud pave the way for the Psycho-Social theory by Erikson?
  • Are people more likely to opt for criminal activity as a result of corporal punishment?
  • Are homeless people less likely to be sympathized than pets?

Developmental Psychology Research Topics

  • Is teaching sign language to infants effective for their language acquisition?
  • What effect do parenting styles have on the physical activity levels of a child?
  • Does bullying have an impact on student achievements, and what kind of impact?
  • Do games such as Sudoku and word searches help the elderly in keeping their cognitive skills sharper?
  • The short-term memory limits throughout our lives.

Child Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • What role does the environment play in child development?
  • How do caregivers influence the development of a child?
  • How important is playing for the child’s understanding and learning about life?
  • Why is speaking to a real person important for a child’s growth?
  • The changes in a child over the first 12 years of his/ her life.

Cognitive Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • The influence of color psychology on people.
  • Attention span in children vs. attention span in adults.
  • Autism in today’s modern world.
  • Language development in kids who are raised in bilingual families.
  • How do people deal with repressed memories?

Abnormal Psychology Research Topics

  • Is split personality a real thing?
  • What are the dangers of eating disorders?
  • Can you treat Schizophrenia with a medical therapy?
  • What can cause a person to commit a crime?
  • Why is the teenage suicidal rate increasing?

Clinical Psychology Research Topics

  • What are the risk factors for depression?
  • Are people addicted to social media and how can they overcome such influence?
  • What type of therapy is most effective for treating behavioral disorders in children?
  • Is online therapy as effective as face-to-face therapy?
  • How are people affected by anxiety disorders?

Positive Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • Can face expressions control our feelings inside?
  • Why is the placebo pill for ‘mood freezing’ effective?
  • Self-affirmations and their effect on our happiness.
  • How does mind-wandering benefit the thinking?
  • Why do some cultures fear happiness?

Experimental Psychology Research Paper

  • Can colors impact the mood and cause a psychological reaction?
  • Can colors improve the process of learning and impact the academic performance?
  • Are people more likely to snack more during an action movie rather than comedy movie?
  • Are people who use social media sites prone to exhibit signs of addiction?
  • Does eating breakfast help students learn better in school?

Sports Psychology Topics for Research Paper

  • What influence does obesity have on the health of a person?
  • Practicing sports and the effect it has on people with heart diseases.
  • Differences between assessment of a person’s heart rate.
  • Caffeine and its effects on the individual’s athletic performance.
  • Ayurvedic drugs and their effect in sports.

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