10 Popular Health Research Paper Topics

Research papers can be complex for students, and most struggle with either the writing process itself or with finding an appropriate topic to write about, that’s going to be both interesting and fresh. Keep on reading for a list health topic ideas that you might find interesting.

Ideas for Health Research Topics

  • The Power of the Mind
  • Obesity in Teenage Years
  • Solutions to Urinary Continence
  • New Mastectomy Procedures
  • Remedies for Menopause
  • Heart Attack Symptoms with Women
  • Weight Loss Surgery – Aftercare
  • Autism in Adults
  • Osteoporosis Development
  • Basics of Melanoma

The idea of each health topic is to provide detailed explanation of its importance and your take on the whole issue. A health topic needs to be interesting, advanced and originally written. You can choose from community health topics, or go global. Apart from that, it health research topics need to illustrate exactly how a particular issue is important and your solution or advice on the particular problem. Doing extensive research on certain topics is going to improve your knowledge and your outlook on the medical world altogether.

Health research topics are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge, and with the proper topic you’re also be able to showcase your own ideas and possible improvements when it comes to health care. Choose one of the interesting topics for medical research paper, and you’re one step closer to writing an amazing paper.

Interesting Mental Health Research Topics

Psychology research topics are among one of the popular ones with students, as many mental health topics haven’t yet been explored, and there’s plenty of information and cases to research. It’s an extensive topic that enables students to develop a deeper understanding for mental health issues. It’s also ideal because it’s a chance for students to introduce possible innovations. With a large number of topics to cover, it’s useful to understand which topics are the most popular ones and good ideas for research topics. You might be aware of the most common mental disorders, but there’s always a different perspective to look from, and that’s what makes a great research paper topic. In addition to the top 10 research paper topics overall, we’ve provided a few mental health research topics you might be interested in.

Here are some ideas for possible mental health research topics:

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Signs of Depression
  • Types of Learning Disabilities
  • Recognizing and Treating Eating Disorders
  • Mental Issues After Pregnancy

The Most Controversial Health Topics

You might want to opt for a controversial health topic. That’s one choice, especially if you’re keen on taking an individual stand and demonstrating your knowledge and unique standpoint on a topic that can potentially raise opposing views.

There are medical research topics that are less and more controversial, and the choice depends on you. It’s advised that you always opt for a topic that you’re actually interested and passionate about. The research paper is going to be as good as the writing itself, and while lack of certain knowledge and information can be compensated for and solved easily, if you take on a topic you’re not remotely interested in, that can’t be compensated with additional information. The only way you’re going to make a controversial research paperwork is if you’re really passionate about an issue and you want to present a well-researched paper with substantial arguments.

Here are some research topic examples that could be a great starting point for your paper.

  • Should Marijuana Be Used for Medical Treatment?
  • Is Modern Technology a Risk to Health?
  • Abortion – Legalisation or Not?
  • Animal Testing – Good or Bad?
  • Do You Live Longer By Being a Vegetarian

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