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Most of the students face a problem with academic writings such as assignments, term papers, essay and so on. And, they want something quick to solve their problem. And, TermPaperWarehouse is something like that as they have a broad list of pre-written papers. You can select the paper, pay the charges and then download it.

They have a quite simple website that does not contain any specific information. We have found their website quite different from other writing services companies. The only thing you will get is a broad list of writing samples they have shared on their homepage. To understand what is termpaperwarehouse and its services, we have to buy one of their sample works. Then, we have decided to do a deep research and purchase a term paper. And, our TermPaperWareHouse review is based on these two factors.


There is no such services list given on the Term Paper Warehouse website. “The Research Paper Factory” is their tagline, which means they claim to provide research paper writing services. Along with, they have also mentioned that they are specialized in writing Students’ essays & Term papers. They do not have an informative website as it does not include anything important except sample works. When you explore TermPaperWarehouse.com, you will get a list of work samples, that is categorized under different subjects and topics. This is the only way to understand what subject or areas they had covered in their services.

We decided to purchase a term paper to understand their services’ quality. The process was very simple and quick. We got a paper within a few hours. But, the paper we received from www.termpaperwarehouse.com was very simple. It did not contain any proper information about the topic. Even, it was not enough to score a good grade in the examinations. It only included general information about the management topic. Some of the sentences they used, was irrelevant. Even, the format and paper structure were also poor.

Prices & Discounts

termpaperwarehouse charge

There is no specification of the prices on their website. First of all, you need to select the paper and they have to pay according to its quality and level of writing. Price is a very main concern, especially for the students. Most of the students face a problem with low budget as there is no extra source of income for them. They only have to manage all these things with their pocket money. So, almost everyone considers price as their first priority while purchasing anything.

And, every writing service we explore online, have shared a transparent list of prices on their website. It is necessary to have a clear list of prices on the website so that every user can understand the services cost. Similarly, in the case of a discount, there are no such discount offers for any of their customers; newcomers or existing ones. But, the termpaperwarehouse charge reasonable cost rather than other writing services.

In our case, they charge a high price for such a simple paper. And, there was no discount on our order.

Customer Support

They do not provide any kind of customer support to their users. There is no such chat window or customer support agents are available to serve you in case of any query or problem. However, there are several writing services companies those offer 24/7 customer support to their customers.

Even, the proper contact information is also not available on their website. They do not share any phone number with the users. If anyone wants to contact them, he/she have to submit a form. Through this form, a person can contact one of their executives to ask them for free term papers.

And, TermPaperWarehouse.com reviews are another important factor that helps you get better information about the company and to understand is term paper warehouse safe or not. Many of their customers have shared their experience with them, on several review sites. They have general reviews which means some are positive and some are negative. All these reviews are given on the review sites as they do not any review or testimonial section on their official website.


Never recommend them to anyone! Term Paper Warehouse does not provide actual quality they claim. The prices are also high. And, they need to add discount offers and loyalty programs for their customers’ benefits. The offer quick and fast services to download the pre-written papers, but they need improvement in some areas such as quality, prices, and discount offer. If you are looking for high-quality, then stay away from warehouse term paper.